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Copper and PEX repiping is all we do. Homeowners often run into slab leaks, discoloring of water, pinhole leaks in pipes, lowered water pressure or all kinds of other symptoms due to corroded galvanized water pipes. If your home was built beyond 20 years ago, it is very likely made using materials which are presently known to wear away in time. This corrosion creates rust and debris build-up inside your pipes, deterioration and sooner or later an unmanageable leak. Over and over these problems can only be fixed with a water system repipe.

Since repiping is all we do, Repipe Specialists features a decided edge over a local plumbing contractor in both experience and cost. Repipe Specialists stocks up on all the required materials and piping in bulk, making it possible for us to pass the cost savings on to our customers. We do not have to special order any components or materials to complete the job. We have everything readily available and are ready to provide you with modern, completely new water lines in only one day. Start now by phoning 800-737-4746 or filling in our online Free Estimate request form. Our skilled staff members will be delighted to answer questions you might have and schedule a consultation for your in-home evaluation at a time most convenient to your schedule.

When your repipe job is completed, you will notice a whole new standard of satisfaction with your water system. Your shower will again become powerful aided by the increased water pressure. You will finally be able to turn on the clothes washer and dishwashing machine at the same time without fear of having sufficient water pressure. No longer will you fear getting burned in the shower whenever someone else in your home flushes the toilet or turns on the sink. Repiping will add to your home resale value as well. With new pipes comes an improvement in water quality as well. Because of less rust and particles in your pipes, your discolored water is now crisp and crystal clear.